Hi there. I’m Megan. I’m a self-studied photographer, stay at home momma to a beautiful baby girl, and wife to an amazingly supportive man. I love the cool of autumn, the embrace of a good knit blanket, and the warmth of a heartfelt embrace. I live for the emotions of every day, those simple moments that always surround us. I strive each day to be completely present in the moment, living life in all of it’s wonderful (and sometimes messy) ordinariness.


I received my bachelors in nursing in 2000, after which I worked as a clinical nurse for over 10 years. The last handful of years were spent in critical care where I eventually experienced a severe degree of burnout. It was then I turned my passion and hobby for photography into a profession. I quickly learned that I loved the art and principle of photography more than the business of photography. I am currently a hobbiest working towards artistic development and personal projects. You will find my work, along with the visual story of my life, here.

Photo credit Camille Denae Photography