Little nursling.

Another sweet momma, another beautiful baby. I love, love, love capturing these moments. They're fleeting. What I find as I travel down my own breastfeeding journey is that tomorrow will never be the same as today. Every time we sit down to nourish our babes will be different than the last. As these littles change daily; we, as mothers, change daily. We grow, we learn... Honestly, I could photograph nursing mommas every day.



I just love the curiosity of my baby. She is discovering her world, and mine. I step back and imagine the world through her eyes... Everything is new and wonderful to her. Something to be learned, discovered, and explored. It fills me with joy watching her grow. I was doing a simple load of laundry and I watched as a whole new world was opened to her when I opened that laundry closet. You can almost watch the thoughts in her eyes. Amazing.  


Sweet as an apple.

Oh, not a day goes by when I don't want to eat her up. This little of mine is sweet as can be. Her light is really starting to shine through. She just makes me laugh on a daily basis, and her sweet and loving heart is really beginning to flourish. The last few days have seen her continue to progress in her mobility. But I can't help but think she might just bypass the whole crawling stage and go right to walking... She'd much rather pull herself up on mom and dad then propel herself forward towards a sought after toy. It's just so cool to see those little gears turn in her eyes as she begins to tackle a new task.

Ah, I love her so.   


Time goes by too fast.

Baby girl, I love you. I love everything about you. I keep waiting for the perfect sit and write, to journal your milestones, your big events. But that perfect time never happens because I'm too tired, or there are other things to do in those fleeting moments when I'm not blessed to have you in my arms.
But every day brings so many new things that you accomplish and days turn into weeks and the time flies. You are growing so very fast. Just this past week you have started a little scoot and "tried" to pull up but ended up falling. By the weeks' end you have mastered the scoot and have officially started crawling backwards and your little legs grow stronger making it easier for you to stand up. I am in awe of every little thing. And now you're starting to pull those little knees up to your belly to get on all fours. You're going to be very mobile VERY soon. It is all bittersweet.


My little honey bee.

This little soul sweetens my every day. Her little self is a wonder as it unfolds before my very eyes. We took a few minutes after bath time tonight to capture our 7 month birth celebration. Where does the time go? Where did my little squish go? *swoon*


Hello, precious...

Oh, this little holds a special place in my heart, as does her momma. I got to experience the wonders of pregnancy alongside this beautiful friend. And our girls were born into this world just days apart. Happy 7 month birthday, sweet girl ♡


I hold your hand.

I have had the wonderful opportunity to become friends with this amazing momma. Her heart is so full and it spills over in giving. When I photographed her and her little man, I could see love flow over the pair of them. She is such an amazing mother. I was grateful to capture their bond.  



I am passionate about many things. But breastfeeding is definitely something that makes my heart full. Those moments do more than grow and nourish your baby. It helps foster the beautiful bond between the momma and babe. I was able to capture this connection between this beautiful momma and her little guy. I love the mirrored gentleness found in each of their hands. It's the softest touch.