Time goes by too fast.

Baby girl, I love you. I love everything about you. I keep waiting for the perfect time...to sit and write, to journal your milestones, your big events. But that perfect time never happens because I'm too tired, or there are other things to do in those fleeting moments when I'm not blessed to have you in my arms.
But every day brings so many new things that you accomplish and days turn into weeks and the time flies. You are growing so very fast. Just this past week you have started a little scoot and "tried" to pull up but ended up falling. By the weeks' end you have mastered the scoot and have officially started crawling backwards and your little legs grow stronger making it easier for you to stand up. I am in awe of every little thing. And now you're starting to pull those little knees up to your belly to get on all fours. You're going to be very mobile VERY soon. It is all bittersweet.