Nourishing my babe, feeding my soul.

I feel it in my every breath. Pure, simple happiness. It comes over me every moment I sit down to nourish and feed this beautiful babe of mine. As I feed her, I am feeding my very soul. It is true, the start of this nursing journey was difficult as I learned to navigate the path before me, but over time it was increasingly easier. I guess the same can be said for motherhood. Breastfeeding is such an amazing connection I have with her. And I believe it saved me during some very difficult emotional times in the beginning. She is a blessing and I am grateful to be able to nourish her as she grows. 


To begin again.

I am starting with a clean slate in the blogging world. I have completely put my photography out of business and back into personal. From here, my blog posts will be centered around family, friends, and the beautiful life that surrounds me. For this reason, I have completely redesigned my blogsite. I hope you find yourself comfortable here and keep coming back for more.